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Are you planning to move soon? Are you going to be working in a home office for a few days or weeks? You have changed your decoration or furniture and you have not yet had time to sell or give away your old possessions? In all cases, you need storage space. But you are still having trouble estimating how much space you need! And yet, this is an essential thing. You need to find a storage facility that will allow you to store all your belongings, but at the lowest possible cost. There is no point in renting a storage unit with a capacity greater than your needs. Mislager offers a turnkey solution to calculate the storage space you need. Don’t wait any longer and try our storage space calculator

Calculating the required surface area: a real headache

Area calculators are proliferating on the internet. Their form varies according to the sites and their use is more or less easy. Granted, it’s not easy to know exactly how much space you need to store all your stuff.

Some calculators are simple and are based on the surface area of your home or the number of rooms to be stored. Using average calculations, they provide you with an average surface area of the volume needed. The problem with this rather simple and basic type of calculator is the potentially large margin of error you may encounter. Especially if you don’t need to store the entire area of your house or flat. As the margin of error is large, we have not favoured this type of area calculator at mislager.

Mislager’s area calculator

At mislager we use a more advanced area calculator. From a list of objects to be stored and their number, the surface area is automatically calculated. With a detailed list, this gives a more precise idea of the volume of space required. Mislager allows you to calculate the surface area needed to store: sofa, armchair, table, chair, wardrobe, furniture, bed, cardboard, household appliances…

For example, you are moving and you need the furniture in your apartment while you find other accommodation. You have a 3-seater sofa, 1 armchair, 1 table, 4 chairs, 2 wardrobes, 4 pieces of furniture, 1 bed, 10 boxes and 4 appliances. You are going to need a space with a surface area of ​​around ten m².

A little reminder of mathematics and the calculation of volume and area. Volume is calculated by multiplying height by length and width while area is the product of length and width.

Volume = height x length x width

Area = length x width

In terms of price, this may vary depending on the city where you are located. Indeed, storing your belongings in a large French city will cost you more than in medium-sized cities. You can also find all of our articles on furniture storage prices in the main French cities below:

Finally, other calculators allow you to rely on a detailed list accompanied by illustrations . These allow to remove any ambiguity on terms of furniture that can be similar: chest of drawers / furniture / sideboard …

Either way, no area calculator can claim to be perfect. This is why there is always a slight margin of error, more or less large, depending on the area calculators. Rest assured, our area calculator comes as close as possible to reality .