Who are we?

Mislager comes from Swiss German, more precisely from “züridütsch” Mis Lager; My warehouse

The founder of www.mislager.ch is J.Sollberger, a native of Zürich, born of a Swiss Father and an Italian Muther, who had the idea of ​​creating this site after his last move when he could no longer fit the rest of his belongings in the cellar. When the cellar next door was half empty, he thought that if he could be put in touch with the neighbor next door so that he could store his excess belongings in the empty part of the cellar. This would have been a good idea and the neighbor could have made some extra money.

Moreover, in this period of crisis, where part of the population has seen a drop in its income, a few francs per month, without investment and without risk, and without having to do almost anything, would be welcome for many people.